Church of Film

June 11th, 2018


Monday, June 11th. 9:30pm at Century. Free admission & popcorn! PRIDE 2018: Two aging actresses share an apartment in Paris, and a life. Retreating into champagne and fantasies, using the trade of theatre to dress a slowly unraveling existence of poverty and loneliness, they try on feminine roles, and revisit the ones that have failed them. Paul Vecchiali's FEMMES FEMMES is a masterpiece of 70s queer whimsy and despair, a madcap and at times delirious spinout to the bottom and back, and to the bottom again. It's also a musical, when it wants to be!
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June 18th, 2018


Monday, June 18th. 9:30pm at Century. Free admission & popcorn! PRIDE 2018: Frank is a respected, well-liked elementary school teacher. But elsewhere he is known as Peggy, and cruises through the sexual amusement park of Berlin, attending to his voracious libido. When he strikes up a long term relationship with Bernd, a mild mannered theater employee, he begins to wonder if love isn't holding him back a bit... TAXl TO THE TOILET is an X-Rated mega cult classic of gay cinema, based entirely on actor and director Frank Ripploh's real life experiences. A hilarious and subversive German New Cinema comedy that breaks every single on-screen taboo with an irresistible charm and mischievous spirit that's impossible to resist!
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June 20th, 2018


Wednesday, June 20th. 8pm at the Clinton Street Theater! $5-8 suggested donation. In a remote area of Iran almost untouched by the centuries, Mashdi Hassan owns the village's only cow. He cherishes the animal as his greatest love, the source of all of his pride and happiness. But when nearby bandits target the village and Hassan's cow, he is overwhelmed by sympathy for the animal—until he himself is turned into a cow. THE COW is widely considered the masterpiece of the Iranian New Wave, a symbolic drama so beautiful that even the Ayatollah Khomeini would not ban it, even as its author Gholām-Hossein Sā'edi was exiled. THE COW has been meticulously restored in Iran for the first time since its 1969 release, so come see one of the greatest monuments in film history!
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June 25th, 2018

Girl with Hyacinth at Century

Monday, June 25th. 9:30pm at Century. Free popcorn & admission! PRIDE 2018: When his neighbor, a beautiful but lonely young woman, kills herself and leaves everything to him in her will, a middle-aged writer sets out to discover the reason she took her own life. What he finds is a long trail of love’s disappointments, failures and regrets. But he remains too obtuse in the end to see the real reason for her fateful decision… GIRL WITH HYACINTHS is Swedish director Hasse Ekman’s greatest film, called by his rival Ingmar Bergman, “An absolute masterpiece. 24 karats. Perfect.” A sad, provocative and forgotten cinematic gem.

May 30th, 2018


Wednesday, May 30th. 8pm at the Clinton Street Theater. $5-8 suggested donation. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the failed uprising in France that nevertheless shook the world! CINEMA OF MAY '68 is a program of experimental shorts by greats like rebel actor Pierre Clementi, whose kaleidopscopic Kenneth Angeresque montage, LE REVOLUTION N'EST QU'UN DEBUT. CONTINUONS LE COMBAT, was made as the protestors battled in the streets. And the radical Zanzibar collective's greatest alum, Philippe Garrel, with his celebrated street essay ACTUA 1. Both of these films were considered lost. Other shorts will explore the Bohemian counterculture of the soixante-huitards, Surrealism, Situationism, and Philosophy in the Streets! Shorts will be accompanied by high quality documentary footage of the barricades and protests, edited by Church of Film. The struggle continues!
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