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Wednesday, August 3rd. 8pm. A quiet boys’ boarding school, set in an idyllic Austrian castle, is upset by the arrival of a new student—a dynamic, dreamy young man from Argentina who possesses an almost supernatural communion with nature. When the new student disappears into a haunted mansion across the bay for a night, he returns with a fantastical tale of a beautiful woman, Marianne, trapped by a grim man called The Knight and his beastly servant. MARIANNE OF MY YOUTH is one of the most beautiful and poetic works of French master Julien Duvivier’s career, but like most Duvivier films, it has a dark undercurrent and is replete with metaphysical and psychological ambiguities. Is love a miracle, a phantasm, a pathology, is it transcendent, or does it even exist at all? Subtitles by Church of Film. At the North Star Ballroom.